Cori Redstone
Cori Redstone

Cori Redstone is an activist and organizer studying fine art and social practice as a first year Graduate Student at Calarts. Her artwork is a form of advocacy and calls attention to the larger institutionalized inequalities that contribute to economic injustice, poverty, discrimination and environmental degradation in the context of human rights. Her work is currently centered around energy production and they systemic violence and injustice that accompanies the means of production and consumption.

Cori’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries across the United States including the Utah Division of Arts, The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and The Aspen Art Musuem. She worked with the climate justice group Peaceful Uprising based in Salt Lake City from 2009 to 2013 where she was an Organizer and Art Director.

Redstone grew up in Northern Utah and the rural farms and ranch lands of South West Colorado.

Cori Redstone has a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Utah. She is currently living in Los Angeles.

Cori Redstone

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